Please join us at our after-school orchestra rehearsals. Open to all skill levels and ages, and any instrument of the orchestra.

Ring or email:   0455 872 296   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have been continuing to meet .... but via the ZOOM platform. This has allowed us to continue our music making and connections with each other.

As the overriding Government message is "replace, postpone or reduce activities", we will continue with online rehearsals for the rest of school term 2 (until June 27th).

This will be reviewed before school term 3 commences.

We have included or increased the use of some practices into our rehearsals, eg,

  • more individual musicians leading - thus hearing how our own part fits with other parts, growing the confidence of individual players
  • playing with a metronome (via a click track)
  • recording ourselves and listening and learning how we would like to improve
  • recording ourselves and looking at our posture and technique, and learning how we would like to improve
  • learning about microphones, cameras and software

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