Collaboration with Gippsland Symphony Orchestra musicians - finale video compilation

In 2020, we couldn’t get together in person with David Williams, OAM, Artistic Director and the musicians from the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra due to the pandemeic.

But we did have several rehewarsals aunder David Williams direction and joined by several GSO musicians and we produced a video compellation !!

Crashendo! Bairnsdale musicians were thrilled to have this opportunity, to rehearse, and share the lead with these orchestral musicians. There has also been cross age and cross orchestra mentoring plus sharing knowledge and experiences about online delivery.

We are worked on an excerpt of the William Tell Overture from the opera by Rossini.

Everyone contributed an individual recording for the finale audio-visual compilation.

View our recording of William Tell .

We will not be collaborating with the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra in 2021, as it has been difficult enough for them to be able to bring all their proposed performances to fruition due to pandemic regulations and changes.

We really wish the GIPPSLAND SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA well for the rest of 2021 (and beyond !), and look forward to collaborating with them in the future.

 Collaboration with GSO