Past Events

Click the link for our 'Play and Connect'  - William Tell video with Gippsland Symphony Orchestra musicians.

Musicians from Gippsland Symphony Orchestra joined our Youth(ful) Orchestra for some rehearsals and production of a 'concert' video under the leadership of David Williams, OAM, Artistic Director of GSO.

We were also joined by some East Gippsland Symphonia, East Gippsland Brass and other community musicians. There was lots of cross-age good humour, mentoring and sharing of both IT and musical skills.

We all recorded ourselves playing our parts, sometimes once, twice or more times !! And here is our finished product. (Click link above)


We are excited to be returning to the Bairnsdale Hub for rehearsals.

Our new conductor, Mark Sheill (markshiell/conductor) is an inspirational musician who believes that making and sharing music should uplift the lives of all who are involved.

New musicians are welcome.

Our Youth(ful) Orchestra is for all ages and skill levels.

Please contact us for details. 

John Noble's Quartet Program (itet)




 Due to changes in COVID -19 related restrictions in Victoria, the launch of the CRASHENDO! and John Noble’s Quartet Program (Itet) for Bairnsdale has been postponed. However, we have produced a LAUNCH VIDEO to share with you

The two Bairnsdale based ensembles will still move ahead with regular online fortnightly rehearsals via the virtual presence of John Noble and his professional colleagues.

When it is safe to do so, there will be a concert of celebration, resilience and pride.

The John Noble Quartet Program is an innovative, inspiring, exciting music program offered in only 7 places in regional Vic. The Bairnsdale program will establish both a senior and junior string quartet, that will launch in July.

The program will offer local string players ongoing, regular tuition, mentorship from professional musicians and performance opportunities all at a high level with the possibility of future professional pathways. This is a ground-breaking & unique OPPORTUNITY.

CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale is a community-initiated and community-run, music and social development program that provides free high quality group instrumental tuition and performances to improve educational and social outcomes and connectivity for children, youth and their families, where there is disadvantage or adversity.

CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale is pleased to partner with John Noble to further develop its participants’ instrumental and performance skills and those of other local strings players.

The Bairnsdale Hub will be the home of CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale and the Bairnsdale John Noble Quartet Program.

John Noble is an inspiring professional violinist and Education Coordinator with Orchestra Victoria. He is a founding mentor of Orchestra Victoria’s “on the mOVe” Education Program.  In 2011 John developed his own innovative String Quartet Training Program – John Noble’s Quartet Program which offers inspirational mentor/performance opportunities to young string players across Victoria.

John teaches and prepares students for all levels of AMEB exams. His energy focuses on scholarship preparation for High School students, and Tertiary level performance skills for those pursuing a professional pathway into music. Always innovative, John is passionate about string tuition and is looking forward to inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Both ensembles will experience valuable mentoring by professional musicians, and performance opportunities will be offered at community & civic events. An essential part of the program will see the members of the senior ensemble taking on the role of mentors to their younger peers.

The highlight of each year is a celebration concert “Quartets on Track” at the Melbourne Recital Centre, where all participating ensembles from across Victoria, perform throughout the Melbourne Cup weekend.

CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale and the John Noble Quartet programs are aligned with aims of:

  • Community ensembles performing at the highest level.
  • An ensemble that can tackle and perform interesting and challenging repertoire.
  • An ensemble that the Bairnsdale community lauds and encourages.
  • An environment where the students feel safe and enabled.
  • An environment that encourages the older students to take on the mentor role to their younger counterparts.
  • Providing exciting opportunities to be mentored by professional classical musicians.
  • Inspiring opportunities to perform alongside their professional mentors in concert.
  • Bairnsdale ensembles valuing their local community and developing a long-term enduring relationship with the Arts community of Bairnsdale and its surrounds.
  • Strong and healthy partnerships

This program is proudly supported by Creative Partnerships Australia - Australian Cultural Fund- Boost.

Circus skills and percussion for July school holiday program, June 30 - July 2

Ryan Davies, from locally based Wacky Wombat Entertainment introduced, and extended participants', circus skills at the Crashendo! Bairnsdale annual school holiday program.

This year the program was run online for 3 mornings with enrolees enjoying percussion and circus skills sessions.

Participants ranged from 5 to 13 years and were both locally and Melbourne based.

Ryan shared his extensive skills and experience with daily sessions beginning with warmups, including facial expressions which were funny 'close-up' viewing online!

Ryan then focussed on extending skills in juggling - under legs and arms, in figure eights, from up high and behind the back with one, two and three balls.

All these skills, plus regularly 'presenting for applause' were put together in a routine set to the infamous circus music, 'Thunder and Blazes'.

Crashendo! Bairnsdale Co-Ordinator, Hilary Rigg said, "Originally this piece of music was titled 'Entrance of the Gladiators' and was written in 1897 as a military march. It was rewritten in 1901 using a faster tempo, and that’s when it got connected with the circus!"

Experienced Melbourne Symphony Orchestra percussionist, John Wise, returned to the Holiday Program to lead the percussion sessions. He was assisted by Maureen Plunkett, Crashendo! Bairnsdale president and local music teacher.

Together they worked with the young percussionists to make instruments from home items. This involved such things as buckets, cans, bottles, wooden blocks, rice and wooden spoons.

Some participants did have some instruments at home such as drums, triangles and drumsticks which were also included.

Together everyone decided on a theme, then created and rehearsed individual rhythms and words, before putting together the finale piece, 'Zoom Footy Concerto'.

Crashendo! Bairnsdale now looks forward to extending its in-schools instrumental music and early years programs plus its afterschool youth(ful) orchestra.

Crashendo! Bairnsdale is also partnering with John Noble's Quartet Program, an esteemed extension program for young string players in regional Victoria. Two new Bairnsdale string ensembles will commence this month.

Online mini-Lost in the Groove-Music Fiesta, March 30 - April 2

CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale Inc joined with forces Judy Olienikov, from Quasitrad Music Melbourne to host this inaugural event. (We had to postpone the full four day event due to recent COVID-19 influences)

Musician Andy Rigby, along with his like-minded, charismatic young daughter, Sylvie, introduced musicians, young and old, to some lively, up-beat tunes using Zoom, for 1 hour per day for four days. 

Whilst Andy played tin whistle and Sylvie played ukulele, participating musicians joined in with these instruments plus harp, clarinet, fiddle, piano accordion, trumpet, flute and bass ukulele.

Andy Rigby is one of Australia's leading designers, makers, players and teachers of the harp, and also makes and plays flutes, whistles and marimbas. He teaches these instruments privately and at leading festivals in Australia.

To ensure the ZOOM platform operated successfully, numbers were limited and participants registered for a maximum of two days. Participants commented how uplifted they felt after wards, how participating online was easier than expected, that they would certainly try it again and they came away with new music to play.

CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale Inc committee, Judy Olienikov, Quasitrad and Andrea Court, Arts and Culture Co-Ordinator with East Gippsland Shire, were excited by the concept of a mini online version of the full four day event. It allowed participants to immerse themselves in celtic music, whilst contributing to community social connections and raising the arts profile of East Gippsland.

Dee Bryant, whose son, Osgar (10) attended said, “Osgar absolutely loved the classes all week and has been flat out whistling the new tunes at least once an hour.  We live in a tiny terrace house in Brunswick, with four children and have cabin fever already.  We are very grateful for a distraction!.”

Within two days of the mini fiesta, Osgar (playing trumpet and tin whistle) and his three sisters (percussion) had produced a video clip of themselves playing and dancing to the catchy tune.

Hilary Rigg said, “the mini fiesta was also a chance to ‘test the water’ for holding future events and ongoing weekly programs, in this way as needed. We are extremely grateful for the support of the Shire, and the collaboration with Quasitrad Music, Melbourne as Judy willingly shared her expertise to better prepare us for future options”.

Judy Olienikov commented “we look forward to holding the full multi-day event with singing and instrumental workshops and concerts and instrument making workshops and a street band, in the future. Stay tuned !!

View the video - click here!


MARCH 30 – APRIL 2 2020

  • This is a direct link to a very short final clip -
  • This is the page of Qausitrad Music website with– page may be removed after a certain time period

The site also has non-downloadable sound recordings of Andy Rigby and daughter Sylvie (leaders) playing all songs.

CHRISTMAS STREET PARADE Saturday December 14th

It is always a thrill to be involved in this event, as it is such a big community gathering and we have continuing support from a special family and friend and 2 local businesses.

It is also a different experience to play outdoors and on a moving vehicle!! “We got to drive through a red light and on the wrong side of the road!!”

Crashendo! Bairnsdale had musicians from their Youth Development Orchestra, Clifton Creek and Nungurner Primary schools programs, plus conductor Kieran Brown, Orchestra Leader Hilary Rigg, tutor Vikki Shaw and mentors from the community.

Thankyou to local farming family Nicole Ridder, Phil Strickland and children Eloise and BJ for their trailer, help and leadership on the day. Also welder Rob Neate for safety railings, Janson’s Concrete and Haulage for the truck and Gippsland Grain Stores for the haybales. Big thankyou also to Parade organisers – Cranes and Bairnsdale Advertiser.


Kieran Brown (conductor) Henry Stewart, Hilary Rigg-Orchestra Leader, Olive Waltham (violins); Nina Stewart, Annika Goessens, Etienne Goessens-mentor, Vikki Shaw-tutor (flutes); John Schmidli -mentor, Cooper Hart, Blake Cooper (trumpets); William Denner, Tahlia Tincknell (clarinets); Colin Stewart, Selwyn Gurnsey (celli); Arjen Goessens –mentor trombone; Maureen Plunkett –mentor (euphonium).

LTO leads community music day

Latrobe Orchestra (LTO) travelled to Bairnsdale recently to lead a day of workshops and a concert with students from Bairnsdale Secondary College and CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale Inc. Musicians from the local community also participated.

Each of the ensembles performed by themselves, then the whole 85 musicians, ably conducted by Colin Iversen (LTO), joined forces in a massed orchestra to rehearse and perform a number of pieces for the appreciative audience.

Colin Iversen, event co-leader, commented, “the day ran smoothly, with a strong sense of community including mentoring for all ages and skill level. Many of the less experienced players had never had the chance to play in such a large group and that, and the workshops, were inspiring for them’.

Alison Teychenne, for the Latrobe Orchestra, said ‘Whilst there were many tired arms and mouths by the end of the afternoon, everyone enjoyed the opportunity and it reminded our younger musicians in the community that making music can be a life-long pursuit.’ 

John Noble, Education Officer from Orchestra Victoria travelled from Melbourne to attend the day, and joined in the music making.

This is the third annual collaborative event held in Bairnsdale which has been led by the Latrobe Orchestra.  The LTO musicians aim to return for another 1 day workshop and concert event.

Bairnsdale Hub Open Day - September

We were thrilled to join up with the U3A ukelele group at this event. Pam Cracknell led the U3A ukelele group and Kieran Brown (16) conducted our
CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale orchestra. It was 'community music' at its best ie, supporting
players of all skill level and age, promoting social cohesion and connectedness.
It also aligned with the Bairnsdale Hub’s aims of learning, connection, innovation, creation and community’.

Sept 8th

2019 Gippsland Symphony Orchestra concert, with CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale participation, Forge Theatre, Bairnsdale, Sunday Sept 8th. BOOKING open mid Aug via

A3 Poster Gippsland Symphony Orchestra Crashendo Concert Sept 8


Holiday Program July 2019


  • All student musicians and musical mentors surveyed responded that they would recommend the program to others.
  • 93% of parents said the program was excellent.
  • held at Picnic Point Hall, Bairnsdale
  • consisted of rehearsals for all sections of the orchestra plus an advanced mentors session
  • finale concert attended by family, friends and sponsors.

The concert concluded with all sections coming together to play as a full orchestra, including a commissioned piece entitled “Drought”. This piece was written by Philip Carrington, visiting tutor from Melbourne, and involved the musicians playing their instruments both conventionally and unconventionally, and had a narration read by Maureen Plunkett, President of CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale.

All sessions lead by highly experienced tutors from Melbourne

  • John Wise (percussion),
  • Michelle Priestly (woodwind)
  • Alistair Gunn (brass).
  • Philip Carrington (strings, mentors and orchestra).

These tutors give substantial in-kind support so that this program can be implemented. Alongside student mentors, local volunteers and CRASHENDO! Bairnsdale personnel provided both musical and administrative assistance.

Bruthen Blues and Arts Festival February 2019

Christmas Parade December 2018


Gippsland Orchestra Concert October 2018

Gippsland Orchestra Concert 

Gippsland Orchestra Concert - ‘We practiced very hard and played 2 pieces with the Gippsland Symphony Orchestra in their concert. We’re the ones in red!'

Crashendo Gippsland Workshop June 2018  


Holiday Program July 2018